Award-winning research on DNA probes just published in Canadian Journal of Chemistry

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(Canadian Science Publishing (NRC Research Press)) The 2014 Fred Beamish Award was awarded to Professor Juewen Liu (Department of Chemistry, University of Waterloo). The Award Lecture titled 'Lanthanide-dependent RNA-cleaving DNAzymes as metal biosensors' is published today in the Canadian Journal of Chemistry.
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Schoolgirl comment points to antibiotics as new cancer treatments

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(University of Manchester) A way to eradicate cancer stem cells, using the side-effects of commonly used antibiotics, has been discovered by a University of Manchester researcher following a conversation with his young daughter.
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Ocean acidification changes balance of biofouling communities

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(British Antarctic Survey) A new study of marine organisms that make up the 'biofouling community' -- tiny creatures that attach themselves to ships' hulls and rocks in the ocean around the world -- shows how they adapt to changing ocean acidification. Reporting in the journal Global Change Biology, the authors examine how these communities may respond to future change.
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New book list, January 21, 2015

Ernst Mayr Library Blog - Mon, 2015-01-26 13:11

The action plan for Australian mammals 2012.

John C.Z. Woinarski, Andrew A. Burbidge and Peter L. Harrison; with maps and database management for terrestrial species by Damian Milne. Collingwood, Vic.: CSIRO Publishing, [2014]. HOLLIS# 014281010
QL733.W656 2014

Amphibian biology. Vol. 11, pt. 4: Status of conservation and decline of amphibians: eastern hemisphere.

Edited by Harold Heatwole. Chipping Norton, NSW: Surrey Beatty & Sons; Exeter [U.K.]: Pelagic Publishing, 1994- . HOLLIS# 006273627
QL667.A47 1994 v. 11, pt. 4

Bioli͡uminest͡sent͡sii͡a v okeane.

[Avtory, I.I. Gitelʹzon and others]. S.-Peterburg: Gidrometeoizdat, 1992. HOLLIS# 014281332
QH641.B46 1992

The book of beetles: a life-size guide to six hundred of nature’s gems.

Editor, Patrice Bouchard; contributors, Patrice Bouchard, Yves Bousquet, Christopher Carlton, Maria Lourdes Chamorro, Hermes E. Escalona, Arthur V. Evans, Alexander Konstantinov, Richard A.B. Leschen, Stéphane Le Tirant, Steven W. Lingafelter. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, [2014]. HOLLIS# 014281025
QL575.B66 2014

Breeding, growth rates, and production of marine copepods.

L.I. Sazhina ; editor, K. Banse ; translator, H.I. Makarenko. Hyderabad, India: Universities Press (India): Distributed by Orient Longman, 2006. HOLLIS# 014280904
QL444.C7 S2913 2006

Dry forests: ecology, species diversity, and sustainable management.

Francis Eliott Greer, editor. New York: Nova Publishers, [2014]. HOLLIS# 014281034
QH541.5.T66D79 2014

Ecological modelling applied to entomology.

Cláudia P. Ferreira, Wesley A.C. Godoy, editors. Cham, Switzerland; New York: Springer, [2014]. HOLLIS# 014281039
QL496.4.E264 2014

Ėkologii͡a i biogeografii͡a pelagiali. [Ecology and biogeography of the open ocean].

K.V. Beklemishev. Moskva: Nauka, 1969. HOLLIS# 011179041
QH541.5.S3B4 1969

Ėkosistemy pelagiali I͡Uzhnogo okeana.

[By] N.M. Voronina; otvetstvennyĭ redaktor M.E. Vinogradov. Moskva: Izd-vo “Nauka”, 1984. HOLLIS# 011162307
QK934.V67 1984

Ėnergetika glubokovodnykh pelagicheskikh soobshchestv.

[By] V.B. T͡Seĭtlin; otvetstvennyĭ redaktor M.E. Vinogradov. Moskva: “Nauka”, 1986. HOLLIS# 011192919
QH541.5.D35T84 1986

John James LaForest Audubon: an English perspective.

By Christine E. Jackson. [Withersfield, Suffolk, England]: Published privately by Christine E. Jackson, [2013]. HOLLIS# 014273761
QL31.A9 J33 2013

Lebensräume von Köcherfliegen (Trichoptera).

[By] Hans Malicky. Linz: Land Oberösterreich, Biologiezentrum/Oberösterreichisches Landesmuseum, 2014. HOLLIS# 014280786
QL516.M35 2014

The mesoscale structure of the epipelagic ecosystem of the open northern Arabian Sea.

Editors, K. Banse, S.A. Piontkovski. Hyderabad: Universities Press :Distributed by Orient Longman, 2006. HOLLIS# 014280901
QH94.2.M48 2006

The Moths of America north of Mexico, including Greenland. Fasc. 8.1, 17.2, & 26.9

London; E. W. Classey [distributed in the U.S. by Entomological Reprint Specialists, Los Angeles, 1971- . HOLLIS# 001880050

Movement and energy metabolism of marine planktonic organisms.

By E.V. Pavlova; translator, H.I. Makarenko. Hyderabad, India: Universities Press, c2006. HOLLIS# 014280906
QH91.8.P5 P3813 2006

Ordovician (Darriwilian-early Katian) trilobite fauna of northwestern Tarim, Xinjiang, China.

By Zhou Zhiyi, Yin Gongzheng & Zhou Zhiqiang. Canberra: Association of Australasian Palaeontologists, 2014. HOLLIS# 014280269
QE821.Z44 2014

Primate comparative anatomy.

By Daniel L. Gebo; illustrations by Mat Severson. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2014. HOLLIS# 014228554
QL737.P9 G37 2014

Seeing butterflies: new perspectives on colour, pattern & mimicry.

By Philip Howse. United Kingdom: Papadakis, 2014. HOLLIS# 014281069
QL562.2.H69 2014

Sravnitelʹnai͡a ėkologii͡a planktonnykh okeanicheskikh soobshchestv. [Comparative ecology of the plankton oceanic communities].

[By] A.K. Geĭnrikh. Moskva:”Nauka”, 1993. HOLLIS# 011177910
QH90.8.P5 G45 1993

Threatened birds of Maharashtra.

By Asad R. Rahmani, Raju Kasambe, Sujit Narwade, Pramod Patil, and Noor I. Khan; maps prepared by Mohit Kalra and Noor I. Khan. Oxford: Oxford University Press, [2014]. HOLLIS# 014281076
QL676.57.I4 R34 2014

Vertikal’noe raspredelenie okeanicheskogo zooplanktona.

Moskva, “Nauka” 1968. HOLLIS# 014281331
QL123.V5 1968

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