June 2015

More Librarian Travels

Straight from the SLA Convention I took the Train to Maine to attend the New England Science Boot Camp for librarians at Bowdoin College in Brunswick. Boot Camp is an intensive two and a half days covering various science topics in depth with other science librarian specialists; this year's subjects were Neuroscience, Marine Science and Ornithology, presented by faculty from several area colleges including Bowdoin, Tufts, the University of New England, UMass Med School and Colby. All presentations were excellent, and we learned a lot and networked with colleagues from as far away as...

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Librarian Travels

June is Conference Month in Library Land. From June 13-16 I was at the SLA (Special Libraries) Annual Convention in Boston attending board meetings and sessions and received an award for helping with program planning from the Biomedical Division. One session on Evolution featured two of our faculty: Hopi Hoekstra and Jim Mallet (ably assisted by Henry Mallet) who received rave reviews from attendees for their presentations.


Celebrating Louis Agassiz, founder of the MCZ

Naturalist, educator, and founder of the Museum of Comparative Zoology, Jean Louis Rodolphe Agassiz was born on May 28, 1807, in Môtier, Switzerland, the oldest son of prominent pastor Rodolphe Agassiz and Rose Mayor Agassiz. Growing up near Lake Morat, Louis was fascinated by fish, catching them barehanded along with his brother Auguste. Louis was determined to study science, although his family encouraged him to pursue medicine. He studied at the Universities of Munich, Heidelberg, and Erlangen, earning a Ph.D. in 1829 and an M.D. in 1830. His 1829 publication...

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