June 2016

Notes from the Hassler archives: Seasick!

[This post is part of a series on the archives of the 1871-1872 Hassler expedition, written by Bruno Costelini, Science without Borders intern at the Ernst Mayr Library]

Things did not look too good at the outset of the Hassler deep-sea dredging expedition. After leaving the Charlestown Navy Yard on the afternoon of December 4th, 1871, the ship had to anchor in Georges Island because of strong winds coming from S.W. accompanied by ominous clouds that looked “black and angry.” Starting again the next morning amidst the same weather, the thermometer at 20 degrees and ice “up about the bow on the rigging and mast,” a “cable broke loose and went down against the port stateroom doors” and almost all the party was seasick. [1]

The ship didn’t make much further, resting at Holmes Hole (Vineyard Haven) for a couple of days.

The Hassler steamer
"The Hassler steamer"

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Baby Birds Round 2

The house sparrows nesting outside a window in the EML reference room are feeding a new batch of chicks. From the quantity of begging chirps it's a smaller clutch than the first one but they are still keeping the parents busy ... The nest is so built up now that you can't see anything but you can sure hear them!