Interlibrary Loans


Using Harvard Library Resource Sharing, the Ernst Mayr Library can borrow books and acquire articles from other libraries for faculty, staff and students. There is no fee for this service for Harvard affiliates. The Library also participates in the Scan & DeliverBorrow Direct and Harvard Direct services.


Requests may be placed directly through HOLLIS+. For items in the collection, such as specific journal volumes, that do not appear in the list of available items in HOLLIS+, contact the library to see if they are available and may be made available for request through HOLLIS+.

The Ernst Mayr Library, via Harvard Library Resource Sharing, lends books and provides photocopies to other libraries and institutions, subject to the policies below. Interlibrary Loan (ILL) requests may be submitted on official ALA or IFLA forms, via OCLC (symbol HLS), or sent by:

- Interlibrary Loan email
- Mail:  Widener Library
            Cambridge, MA 02138
- Phone:  617-495-2972
- Lending web form for non-OCLC libraries
            OCLC symbol: HLS

*Note that not all library materials circulate.

Other Services
Scanning and copying of microfilm, or photographic reproductions of library or archival material are available on request. Contact the library for details.