New Journal Issues Received

Journal Issues Received Week of May 15, 2017
Title Issue Call No.
Acta ornithologica t.51:no.2(2016:Winter) ACT 0284.a
Avicultural magazine v.123:no.1(2017) AVI 1092
BioScience v.67:no.5(2017:May) BIO 1368
British journal of entomology and natural history Index v.29(2016) BRI 1552.a
British journal of entomology and natural history v.30:pt.1(2017:Mar.) BRI 1552.a
Cahiers Magellanes n.s.:no.25(2017:Mar.) MAG 4420
Canadian field-naturalist v.130:no.4(2016:Oct./Dec.) CAN 1824
Ceylon journal of science. Biological sciences v.44:pt.2(2015) CEY 1960.1
Ceylon journal of science v.45:1(2016)  
Ceylon journal of science v.45:2(2016)  
Ciencias marinas v.43:no.1(2017:marzo) CIE 2014
Ecology v.98:no.5(2017:May) ECO 2452
Entomologist's gazette v.68:no.2(2017) ENT 2652
Entomologist's monthly magazine Index v.152(2016) ENT 2656
Entomologist's monthly magazine v.153:no.2(2017:Apr./June) ENT 2656
Fieldiana. Life and earth sciences no.9(2017) FIE 2825
Folia biologica et geologica v.57:no.1(2016) SLO 6868.f
Folia biologica et geologica v.57:no.2(2016) SLO 6868.f
Folia biologica et geologica v.57:no.3(2016) SLO 6868.f
Fugle og natur 2017:no.2(2017:Apr.) FUG 4400.b
In the field : the bulletin of the Field Museum of Natural History v.88:no.2(2017:May/Aug.) FIE 2812.a
Journal of parasitology v.103:no.2(2017:Apr.) JOU 4032
Journal of vertebrate paleontology suupl. v.36:no.6(2016:Nov.) JOU 4042
Kingbird v.66:no.3(2016:Sept.) KIN 4084
Letopis Slovenske akademije znanosti in umetnosti knj.66(2015) LET 5500
Library journal v.142:no.9(2017:May 15) Librarian's office
Malayan nature journal v.69:pt.1(2017) MAL 4424
Molluscan research v.37:no.2(2017:May) MAL 4420
New scientist v.234:no.3125(2017 May:13-19) NEW 5273
Records of the Australian Museum v.68:no.1(2016) AUS 1072
Records of the Australian Museum v.68:no.2(2016) AUS 1072
Records of the Australian Museum v.68:no.7(2016) AUS 1072
Sauria Jahrg.39:Ausg.1(2017:Mar.) SAU 7440
Smithsonian contributions to paleobiology no.99(2017) SMI 6905
Smithsonian contributions to zoology no.647(2017) SMI 6906
Stratigraphy v.13:no.3(2016) STR 2100
Yamashina chōruigaku zasshi = Journal of the Yamashina Institute for Ornithology v.48:no.2=no.136(2017:Mar.) YAM 8474
Zeitschrift des Kölner Zoo Register Jahrg.59(2016) ZEI 8512
Zeitschrift des Kölner Zoo Jahrg.60:Heft 1(2017) ZEI 8512