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Journal issues received Nov 2-9, 2018

Call Number
American birds. v.66=112th Christmas bird count (2011/2012) AME 0553
  v.65=111th Christmas bird count (2010/2011) AME 0553
Annual report. 24th-41st (1957-1974/1975) [incomplete] Aj-B
Atlantic naturalist / Audubon Society of the District of Columbia. v.11:no.5 (1956:May/Aug.) ATL 4200
  v.11:no.4 (1956:March/April) ATL 4200
  v.11:no.3 (1956:Jan./Feb.) ATL 4200
  v.11:no.2 (1955:Nov./Dec.) ATL 4200
  v.10:no.5 (1955:May/Aug.) ATL 4200
  v.10:no.4 (1955:March/April) ATL 4200
  v.10:no.3 (1955:Jan./Feb.) ATL 4200
  v.10:no.2 (1954:Nov./Dec.) ATL 4200
  v.9:no.5 (1954:May/Aug.) ATL 4200
  v.9:no.4 (1954:March/April) ATL 4200
  v.9:no.3 (1954:Jan./Feb.) ATL 4200
  v.9:no.2 (1953:Nov./Dec.) ATL 4200
  v.9:no.1 (1953:Sept./Oct.) ATL 4200
  v.8:no.5 (1953:May-Aug.) ATL 4200
  v.8:no.4 (1953:March/April) ATL 4200
  v.8:no.3 (1953:Jan/Feb.) ATL 4200
  v.8:no.2 (1952:Nov./Dec.) ATL 4200
  v.7:no.5 (1952:May/Aug.) ATL 4200
  v.7:no.4 (1952:March/April) ATL 4200
  v.7:no.2 (1951:Nov./Dec.) ATL 4200
  v.7:no.1 (1951:Sept./Oct.) ATL 4200
  v.6:no.5 (1951:May/Aug.) ATL 4200
  v.6:no.4 (1951:March/April) ATL 4200
  v.6:no.3 (1951:Jan./Feb.) ATL 4200
  v.6:no.2 (1950:Nov./Dec.) ATL 4200
  v.5:no.5 (1950:May/Aug) ATL 4200
Bat research news. v.59:no.3(2018:Autumn) BAT 0500
Bio-acoustics bulletin. v.4:no.1 (1964:Jan./March) Aj-B615.4
  v.3:no.3/4 (1963:July/Dec.) Aj-B615.4
  v.3:no.2 (1963:April/June) Aj-B615.4
  v.3:no.1 (1963:Jan./March) Aj-B615.4
  v.2:no.4 (1962:Oct./Dec.) Aj-B615.4
  v.2:no.2/3 (1961:April/Sept.) Aj-B615.4
  v.1:no.3 (1961:July/Sept.) Aj-B615.4
  v.1:no.2 (1961:April/June) Aj-B615.4
Bird migration. v.2:no.3 (1962:Sept.) Aj-B618
  v.2:no.2 (1962:March) Aj-B618
  v.2:no.1 (1961:Sept.) Aj-B618
Bird News. v.5:no.3-v.14:3 (1933-1943) [incomplete] Aj-B
British birds; an illustrated magazine devoted to the birds on the British list. v.111:no.11(2018:Nov.) BRI 1528
The Bulletin of the Chicago Herpetological Society. v.53:no.10(2018:Oct.) BUL 1675
Bulletin. (Audubon Society of New Hampshire) v.18:no.3 (1949) Aj-A
  v.18:no.2 (1947) Aj-A
  v.18:no.1 (1947) Aj-A
  v.17 (1946) Aj-A
  1927:Feb./April-1937:Oct./1938:Jan. [incomplete] Aj-B
  1938:Oct./1939:Jan.-1964:March/June [incomplete] Aj-B
Les cahiers Magellanes. n.s.:no.31(2018:Sept.) MAG 4420
Carinthia II : Mittheilungen des Naturhistorischen Landesmuseums für Kärnten. Jahrg.128:Nr.2(2018) CAR 1868
Carinthia II. Sonderheft. 68(2018) CAR 1872
Cybium. v.42:no.3(2018) CYB 2208
Elytra. New series. v.8:no.1(2018) ELY 2460
Entomologist's gazette. v.69:no.4(2018) ENT 2652
The Entomologist's monthly magazine. v.154:no.4(2018:Oct./Dec.) ENT 2656
Frontiers in ecology and the environment. v.16:iss.9(2018:Nov.) FRO 5000
Gu sheng wu xue bao = Acta palaeontologica Sinica. v.57:no.3(2018) ACT 0290
Harvard magazine. v.121:no.2(2018:Nov./Dec.) HAR 3171
Journal of environment and bio-sciences. v.31:no.2(2017) HIM 1500.1
Man & nature. 1972:Dec. MAN 1570
  1972:Sept. MAN 1570
  1972:June MAN 1570
The Narragansett naturalist. v.11:no.4 (1970) Aj-A
  v.11:no.3 (1970) Aj-A
  v.11:no.2 (1970) Aj-A
  v.11:no.1 (1969) Aj-A
  v.10:no.4 (1969) Aj-A
  v.10:no.3 (1969) Aj-A
  v.10:no.2 (1969) Aj-A
  v.10:no.1 (1968) Aj-A
  v.9:no.4 (1968) Aj-A
  v.9:no.3 (1968) Aj-A
  v.9:no.2 (1968) Aj-A
  v.9:no.1 (1967) Aj-A
  v.8:no.3 (1966) Aj-A
  v.8:no.2 (1965) Aj-A
  v.8:no.1 (1965) Aj-A
  v.7:no.3 (1964) Aj-A
  v.7:no.2 (1964) Aj-A
  v.7:no.1 (1964) Aj-A
New scientist. v.240:no.3202(2018:Nov. 03) NEW 5273
Newsletter. location index:no.1-194 (1983) NEW 5256
Newsletters on stratigraphy. v.51:no.4(2018) NEW 5364
Ornis fennica. v.95:no.3(2018) ORN 5708
OSNZ news. no.92=suppl. to v.45:pt.3 (1999) NOT 5504.b
  no.91=suppl. to v.45:pt.2 (1999) NOT 5504.b
  no.87=suppl. to v.45:pt.2 (1998) NOT 5504.b
Publication. (Bristol County Ornithological Club) no.3 (1887) Aj-B
  no.2 (1887) Aj-B
Revue des sciences naturelles d'Auvergne. v.79(2015) REV 6376
  v.80(2016) REV 6376
The Sea Swallow; being the annual report of the Royal Naval Bird Watching Society. v.67(2018) SEA 6804
The Southwestern entomologist. v.43:no.3(2018:Sept.) SOU 7258
Special publications - The Museum, Texas Tech University. no.68(2018) TEX 7565
The Victorian naturalist. v.135:no.5(2018:Oct.) VIC 8280
VSO newsletter. v.64:no.3(2018:Autumn) VIR 8500