New Books

New book list, April 20, 2020:

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E-books (available to users with a valid Harvard ID and password):


Amphibian evolution: the life of early land vertebrates.

By Rainer R. Schoch. Chichester, West Sussex, United Kingdom: John Wiley & Sons, 2014.


Australian beetles. Volume 2: archostemata, myxophaga, adephaga, polyphaga (part).

Editors, Adam Slipinski, John F. Lawrence. Clayton South, Victoria: CSIRO Publishing, [2019]


The bear: culture, nature, heritage.

Edited by Owen Nevin, Ian Convery and Peter Davis. Woodbridge, Suffolk, England: The Boydell Press, 2019.


Biotremology: studying vibrational behavior.

Edited by Peggy S. M. Hill [and five others]. Cham, Switzerland: Springer, 2020.


Caring for Eeyou Istchee: protected area creation on Wemindji Cree territory.

Edited by Monica E. Mulrennan, Colin H. Scott and Katherine Scott. Vancouver, British Columbia; Toronto: UBC Press, [2019]


The chimpanzees of the Taï forest: 40 years of research.

Edited by Christophe Boesch, Roman Wittig, Catherine Crockford, Linda Vigilant, Tobias Deschner, Fabian Leendertz. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2019.


Current state and future impacts of climate change on biodiversity.

By Ashok Kumar Rathoure, Pawan Kumar Chauhan. Hershey, Pennsylvania: IGI Global, [2020]


Darwin's corals: a new model of evolution and the tradition of natural history.

Horst Bredekamp; translated, edited, and adapted by Elizabeth Clegg. Berlin: De Gruyter, [2019]


Ecology and conservation of tropical ungulates in Latin America.

Sonia Gallina-Tessaro, editor. Cham, Switzerland:  Springer, [2019]


The ecology of browsing and grazing II.

Iain J. Gordon, Herbert H. T. Prins, editors. Cham, Switzerland: Springer, 2019.


Eels: biology, monitoring, management, culture and exploitation: proceedings of the First International Eel Science Symposium.

Edited by Andy Don and Paul Coulson. Sheffield, England: 5M Publishing, [2019]


Fish population dynamics, monitoring, and management: sustainable fisheries in the eternal ocean.

Edited by Ichiro Aoki, Takashi Yamakawa, Akinori Takasuka. Tokyo: Springer Japan: Imprint: Springer, 2018.


The flying zoo: birds, parasites, and the world they share.

By Michael Stock. Edmonton, Alberta: University of Alberta Press, [2019]


Individual-based methods in forest ecology and management.

By Arne Pommerening, Pavel Grabarnik. Cham, Switzerland: Springer, [2019]


Invasive predators in New Zealand: disaster on four small paws.

By Carolyn M. King. Cham, Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan, [2019]


Latin American perspectives on scientific research.

By Fernando Lolas and Eduardo Rodriguez. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, [2020]


Lobsters: biology, fisheries and aquaculture.

E. V. Radhakrishnan, Bruce F. Phillips, Gopalakrishnan Achamveetil, editors. Gateway East, Singapore: Springer, [2019]


Polar bear.

By Margery Fee. London, England: Reaktion Books, 2019.


A practical guide for genetic management of fragmented animal and plant populations.

By Richard Frankham, Jonathan D. Ballou, Katherine Ralls, Mark D.B. Eldridge, Michele R. Dudash & Charles B. Fenster, Robert C. Lacy, Paul Sunnucks; line drawings by Karina McInnes.


Salamanders: habitat, behavior and evolution.

Rashid Gerasimov, editor. New York: Nova Science Publishers, [2019]


Topological data analysis for genomics and evolution: topology in biology.

By Raúl Rabadán, Andrew J. Blumberg. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2020.


The zoological guide to crustacea.

Noelle Lachance, editor. New York: Nova Science Publishers, 2019.