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New book list, February 1, 2018:

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Edited by Michael R. Rose, George V. Lauder. San Diego: Academic Press, ©1996.

Asian elephants: past, present & future.

By Debabrata Swain. Dehradun: International Book Distributors, c2004.

Australian echinoderms: biology, ecology and evolution.

Editors: Maria Byrne and Timothy D. O'Hara. Clayton South, VIC, Australia: CSIRO Publishing, [2017].

A biogeoscience approach to ecosystems.

Edited by Edward A. Johnson, Yvonne E. Martin. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2016.

Biology and conservation of musteloids.

Edited by David W. Macdonald, Chris Newman, and Lauren A. Harrington, Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, Department of Zoology, University of Oxford. First edition. Oxford, United Kingdom; New York, NY, United States of America: Oxford University Press, 2017.


By Bronwyn Parry and Beth Greenhough. Cambridge, UK; Medford, MA: Polity Press, 2018.

Birds, other animals and natural curiosities.

Henrietta McBurney, Ian Rolfe, Caterina Napoleone and Paula Findlen; with Carlo Violani [and five others]. London: Royal Collection Trust in association with Harvey Miller Publishers, [2017].

Bonobos, unique in mind, brain, and behavior.

Edited by Brian Hare, Shinya Yamamoto. First edition. Oxford, United Kingdom; New York, NY, United States of America: Oxford University Press, 2017.

The cardiovascular system: development, plasticity and physiological responses.

[Edited by] A. Kurt Gamperl, Todd E. Gillis, Anthony P. Farrell, Colin J. Brauner. First edition. Cambridge, MA: Academic Press, 2017.

"The caribou taste different now": Inuit elders observe climate change.

Edited by José Gérin-Lajoie, Alain Cuerrier, and Laura Siegwart Collier ; interviewers, José Gérin-Lajoie: Kangiqsualujjuaq, Kangiqsujuaq, Umiujaq, Pangnirtung, Pond Inlet, Baker Lake, Kugluktuk, Carmen Spiech: Baker Lake, Alain Cuerrier: Kangiqsualujjuaq, Kangiqsujuaq, Nain, Laura Siegwart Collier: Nain, Anita Fells: Nain ; researchers, Alain Cuerrier, Sarah Desrosiers [and six others]. Iqaluit, NU: Nunavut Arctic College Media, [2016].

Catalogue of Palaearctic Coleoptera. Vol. 1. Archostemata - Myxophaga – Adephaga.

Edited by I. Löbl, D. Löbl. Revised and updated edition. Leiden: Brill, 2015-

Comparative neurobiology: modes of communication in the nervous system Edited by Melvin J. Cohen and Felix Strumwasser. New York: Wiley, ©1985.

Costa Rica: guía de los parques nacionales = national parks guide.

Luis Blas Aritio, editor. Costa Rica: Incafo, ©2002.

Curators: behind the scenes of natural history museums.

By Lance Grande. Chicago; London: The University of Chicago Press, 2017.

Development in mammals. Vol. 4.

Amsterdam, New York, North-Holland Pub. Co., 1980.

Dnevni leptiri Zasavice: Lepidoptera: Hesperioidea i Papilionoidea.

By Predrag Jakšić i Ana Nahirnić. Beograd: Službeni glasnik; Zasavica: Specijalni rezervat prirode, 2011.

Ecology, conservation and management of wild pigs and peccaries.

Edited by Mario Melletti, Erik Meijaard. Cambridge, United Kingdom; New York: Cambridge University Press, 2018.

Effective conservation science: data not dogma.

Edited by Peter Kareiva, Michelle Marvier, Brian Silliman. First edition. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018.

The encyclopedia of birds in China. Volumes A-B.

Duan Wenke, Zhang Zhengwang zhu bian. Beijing Shi: Zhongguo lin ye chu ban she, 2017.

Evolutionary history of Microsyopoidea (Mammalia,?Primates) and the relationship between Plesiadapiformes and Primates.

By Gregg F. Gunnell. Ann Arbor, Mich.: Museum of Paleontology, University of Michigan, 1989.

Forest preservation in a changing climate: REDD+ and indigenous and community rights in Indonesia and Tanzania.

By Sébastien Jodoin, McGill University, Montréal. Cambridge, United Kingdom; New York, NY, USA: Cambridge University Press, 2017.

Galapagos: islands born of fire.

By Tui De Roy. Toronto; Los Angeles: Warwick Publishing, 1998.

Genetics: genes, genomes, and evolution.

Philip Meneely, Haverford College, Rachel Dawes Hoang, Haverford College, Iruka N. Okeke, University of Ibadan, Nigeria, Katherine Heston, Haverford College,. Oxford: Oxford University Press, [2017].

Handbook of clinical signs in rodents and rabbits.

By Kathleen R. Pritchett-Corning [and others]. 2nd ed. [Wilmington, Mass.]: Charles River Laboratories, ©2011.

Hierarchy: perspectives for ecological complexity.

T. F. H. Allen and Thomas B. Starr. Second edition. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 2017.

Marine biology: function, biodiversity, ecology.

By Jeffrey S. Levinton, Stony Brook University. Fifth edition. New York: Oxford University Press, [2018].

Mariposas nocturnas: moths of Central and South America: a study in beauty and diversity.

By Emmet Gowin; foreword by Terry Tempest Williams. Princeton: Princeton University Press, [2017].

Metacommunity ecology.

Mathew A. Leibold and Jonathan M. Chase. Princeton, New Jersey, Princeton University Press, [2018].

Nature's machines: an introduction to organismal biomechanics.

By David E. Alexander. London, United Kingdom; San Diego, CA, United States: Academic Press, an imprint of Elsevier, [2017].

Neotropical owls: diversity and conservation.

By Paula L. Enríquez, editor. Cham, Switzerland: Springer, [2017].

The origins of creativity.

By Edward O. Wilson. First edition. New York, NY: Liveright Publishing Corporation, a division of W.W. Norton & Company, [2017].

Our wandering continents; an hypothesis of continental drifting.

By Alex L. Du Toit ... With 48 diagrams. Edinburgh, London, Oliver and Boyd, 1937.

Perú, Medio Putumayo-Algodón.

By Nigel Pitman, Adriana Bravo, Santiago Claramunt, Corine Vriesendorp, Diana Alvira Reyes, Ashwin Ravikumar, Álvaro del Campo, Douglas F. Stotz, Tyana Wachter, Sebastian Heilpern, Benjamín Rodríguez Grández, Ana Rosa Sáenz Rodríguez y/and Richard Chase Smith editores/editors. Chicago: Field Museum of Natural History, 2016.

Prehistoric animals of Australia.

Based on drawings by Peter Schouten; edited by Susan Quirk and Michael Archer. Sydney: Australian Museum, ©1983.

The riddle of the dinosaur.

By John Noble Wilford; drawings by Doug Henderson. 1st ed. New York: Knopf: Distributed by Random House, 1985.

The rise of marine mammals: 50 million years of evolution.

By Annalisa Berta; graphics editor, James L. Sumich; illustrations by Carl Buell, Robert Boessenecker, William Stout, and Ray Troll. Baltimore, Maryland: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2017.

Sensory neurophysiology; with special reference to the cat.

[By] James C. Boudreau [and] Chiyeko Tsuchitani. New York,Van Nostrand Reinhold Co.[1973].

Shorebirds in action: an introduction to waders and their behavior.

By Richard Chandler. Dunbeath, Caithness, Scotland, UK: Whittles Publishing, [2017].

1668: the year of the animal in France.

By Peter Sahlins. New York: Zone Books, 2017.

South Carolina Association of Naturalists: scanning the wonders of our natural world, the first ten years.

Barbara A. Johnson, editor and publisher. Columbia, S.C.: Editorial Resources Unlimited, ©1993.

Specimen science: ethics and policy implications.

Edited by Holly Fernandez Lynch, Barbara E. Bierer, I. Glenn Cohen, and Suzanne M. Rivera. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, [2017].

 Stalking the blue-eyed scallop.

By Euell Gibbons, with illustrations by Catherine R. Hammond. New York: D. McKay Company, [1964].

Synapsida: a new look into the origins of mammals.

By John C. McLoughlin. New York: Viking Press, 1980.

Tracing the history of eukaryotic cells: the enigmatic smile.

By Betsey Dexter Dyer, Robert Alan Obar. New York: Columbia University Press, ©1994.

Where the animals go: tracking wildlife with technology in 50 maps and graphics.

By James Cheshire, Oliver Uberti. First American edition. New York: W. W. Norton & Company, 2017.

Die Zähne; ihr Ursprung, ihre Geschichte und ihre Aufgabe.

Berlin, Springer [1963].


American tropics: the Caribbean roots of biodiversity science.

By Megan Raby. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, [2017].

Avian ecology in Latin American cityscapes.

Ian MacGregor-Fors, Juan F. Escobar-Ibáñez, editors. Cham, Switzerland: Springer, [2017].

Behaviour and ecology of spiders: contributions from the neotropical region.

Carmen Viera, Marcelo O. Gonzaga, editors. Cham: Springer, [2017].

Biology and culture of portunid crabs of world seas.

By Ramasamy Santhanam, PhD. Waretown, NJ: Apple Academic Press, 2017.

Biology and Ecology of Toxic Pufferfish.

By Ramasamy Santhanam. First edition. Apple Academic Press, 2016.

Biology and Ecology of Venomous Stingrays.

Oakville: Apple Academic Press, 2016.

Catch and release: the enduring yet vulnerable horseshoe crab.

By Lisa Jean Moore. New York: New York University Press, [2017].

Cheetahs: biology and conservation.

Edited by Laurie Marker, Lorraine K. Boast, Anne Schmidt-Küntzel. London, United Kingdom; San Diego, CA: Academic Press is an imprint of Elsevier, [2018]

Disease ecology: Galapagos birds and their parasites.

Patricia G. Parker, editor. Cham, Switzerland: Springer, [2018]

Ecology of invertebrate diseases.

Edited by Ann E. Hajek, David I. Shapiro-Ilan. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, 2017.

Encyclopedia of marine mammals.

Third edition /edited by Bernd Würsig (Texas A&M University at Galveston, Galveston, TX, United States), J.G.M. Thewissen (Northeast Ohio Medical University, Rootstown, OH, United States), Kit M. Kovacs (Norweigian Polar Institute, Trømso, Norway and University Studies on Svalbard). London, United Kingdom: Academic Press, an imprint of Elsevier,[2018].

Evolution of dental tissues and paleobiology in selachians.

By Gilles Cuny, Guillaume Guinot, Sébastian Enault. London: ISTE Press Ltd., 2017.

Marine fishes of Arctic Canada.

Edited by Brian W. Coad and James D. Reist; with contributions by Peter Rask Møller, Claude B. Renaud, Noel R. Alfonso, Karen Dunmall, Michael Power, Chantelle D. Sawatzky, Fikret Berkes, J. Brian Dempson, Les N. Harris, and Heidi K. Swanson. Toronto; Buffalo; London: University of Toronto Press; Ottawa, Ontario: Canadian Museum of Nature, [2018].

Monarchs and Milkweed: a migrating butterfly, a poisonous plant, and their remarkable story of coevolution.

By Anurag Agrawal. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2017.

The roles of remote sensing in nature conservation: a practical guide and case studies.

Ricardo Díaz-Delgado, Richard Lucas, Clive Hurford, editors. Cham: Springer, 2017.

Tracking Gobi grizzlies: surviving beyond the back of beyond.

By Douglas Chadwick; photographs by Joe Riis and Douglas Chadwick. First edition. Ventura, CA: Patagonia Books, [2016].

Trends in copepod studies: distribution, biology and ecology.

Editors, Marco Uttieri, PhD (Researcher, Department of Integrative Marine Ecology, Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn, Villa Comunale, Naples, Italy).Hauppauge, New York :Nova Science Publisher's, Inc.,[2017].