May 2017

Hubert Lyman Clark Papers: Building a Finding Aid


    This spring I was an intern at the Ernst Mayr Library and Museum of Comparative Zoology Archives of Harvard University.  I worked with Robert Young,  the Special Collections Librarian/archivist. My project taught me how to compose a finding aid from scratch, while bringing together information about multiple collections. In the case of the Hubert Lyman Clark papers, for which I created the finding aid, there were multiple relevant collections accessioned at different times that needed to be synthesized into one document  to successfully...

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      Digitization is not a new activity for libraries and cultural heritage institutions, and indeed has become a critical tool for preserving and providing access to archival collections including rare books, manuscripts, and photographs. The potential research value of digitized collections is also not a new phenomenon. However, translating images of content into machine readable data that can be searched, sorted, and otherwise manipulated had not received much attention until crowdsourcing, citizen science, and...

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