Happy Earth Day! MCZ Image Tagging Event April 21-24, 2020

Join the Ernst Mayr Library and MCZ Archives in a tagging event for MCZ or other FLICKR images from the Biodiversity Heritage Library! We are celebrating Earth Day by making species images easier to find.  The Ernst Mayr Library and MCZ Archives is a founding member of the Biodiversity Heritage Library, making biodiversity literature and archives available to the world.  Tagging is a way to provide machine readable descriptions (metadata).  More metadata means better discovery.  For instance, adding species names to pictures of animals or plants means search engines can discover and organize these images. Another great use of tagging is to add names of illustrators and artists as tags so that these artists are discoverable in searches.

Detailed tagging  instructions, including advanced options,  can be found here: https://s.si.edu/BHLTaggingGuide 

We are focusing on **Beginner Tagging** but don’t let that limit you!

Here is the link to MCZ images needing tags: https://s.si.edu/MCZNoTags (preferred focus of this session)

Here is a link to all images still needing tags if you would like to range further afield now or another time: https://s.si.edu/BHLImagesWithoutTags

Here is the link to already-tagged images that you can use as samples: https://s.si.edu/BHLImagesWithTags

Some things to consider:

  • You will need to have a Flickr account to do the tagging, so if you don't have one you will need to create one (it’s free).  http://flickr.com/sign-up
  • Please add an event-specific tag: #MCZEarthDay2020 to each image you tag.
  • We are focusing on beginners and you can simply tag the images with the names as they appear on the plates or in the book. There is a link to the image page in BHL from the Flickr page. Ask if you need help!

taxonomy:binomial=”genus species” is the format.  You can also tag other taxonomic levels.

  • If you want to try more advanced options, you can do extra research to add tags for the current accepted taxon, common name, engraver, geographic location or artist. Check the tagging guide https://s.si.edu/BHLTaggingGuide for instructions.

artist:name=”[Givenname Middlename Familyname]” for example.

  • Please leave comments on the images you tag if you do more advanced tagging: provide links to the sources you used for tags if you are not using the linked volume (e.g. see the comment from Michelle Marshall on the Protea image with a link to the taxon source from The Plant List).
  • Starting on page 8 in the tutorial (https://s.si.edu/BHLTaggingGuide), there is a list of taxonomic databases you can use to help determine current taxonomy.

E-mail us if you have questions or need help during the event this week.  (crinaldo@oeb.harvard.edu or msears@oeb.harvard.edu). Many thanks to Grace Costantino, BHL Outreach and Communications Manager for guidance.