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HOLLIS got a new look over spring break! Once you get the hang of it, the new interface is pretty awesome. It incorporates many highly-requested features, such as durable urls, holdings and details all in the same tab, and "sticky" facets. It also adds a slew of precision search options---we'll be posting about those soon!

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Here are a few tips to help you get acquainted with the new and improved HOLLIS:
1.) Filters are now on the right.

image of search results with filters on right

2.) Select the check box to the left of an option to include it. To exclude something, look for a red checkbox at the right. The results will change after you click the green Apply Filter button at bottom. (See animation below.)

apply filter illustration

3.) Click the title and the details will slide into view. Use the left menu to navigate within a record.

cursor moving across the screen to click on the title

4.) Use the pin icon to add an item to My Favorites. (Click a second time to remove it.)

title highlights in yellow when you select the pin icon

5.) Click “Get It” and then the location (library) name to view availability.

gif illustrating effect of clicking "get it"6.) Use Advanced Search to access the drop-downs that let you search within specific fields.

exploring the drop down menu items

7.) Select Library Catalog to see additional options for physical collections by library location.

gif showing the effect of clicking the Library Catalog radio button

What do you think? Please share your feedback with our HOLLIS team---we rely on your ideas and requests when deciding how to design and prioritize new improvements!


You can also find more helpful resources for navigating HOLLIS on the HOLLIS Quick Tips guide